Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Module One: Getting Started
Workshop Objectives
Action Plans and Evaluation Forms
Module Two: Why Supply Chain Management?
Customer Satisfaction
Improving Performance
Lowering Costs
Product Development
Case Study
Module Two: Review Questions
Module Three: Key Terms (I)
Upstream and Downstream
Raw Material
Carrying Cost
Case Study
Module Three: Review Questions
Module Four: Key Terms (II)
Order Generation
Order Taking
Order Fulfillment
Returns Management
Case Study
Module Four: Review Questions
Module Five: Three Levels of Supply Chain Management
Strategic Level
Tactical Level
Operational Level
Bullwhip Effect
Case Study
Module Five: Review Questions
Module Six: Five Stages of Supply Chain Management
Case Study
Module Six: Review Questions
Module Seven: The Flows of Supply Chain Management
The Product Flow
The Information Flow
The Finances Flow
Data Warehouses
Case Study
Module Seven: Review Questions
Module Eight: Inventory Management
Levels of Inventory
Just-In-Time Inventory
Keeping Accurate Records
Inventory Calculator
Case Study
Module Eight: Review Questions
Module Nine: Supply Chain Groups
The Suppliers
The Producers
The Customers
The Customer’s Customers
Case Study
Module Nine: Review Questions
Module Ten: Tracking and Monitoring
Alert Generation
Stock Keeping Unit (SKU)
Case Study
Module Ten: Review Questions
Module Eleven: Supply Chain Event Management
Inventory Alerts
Supplier Alerts
Being Proactive
Case Study
Module Eleven: Review Questions
Module Twelve: Wrapping Up
Words from the Wise

Skill Features

USD:400.00 Per Participant (Ask for the Discount) 10 IN ONE GROUP

(With Lunch and 2 Coffee Breaks), Printed Course Material and Certificate.

Duration: TWO Days (5 Hour's Per day)