Leadership and Influence

Leadership and Influence

• Getting Started
o Workshop Objectives
• The Evolution of Leadership
o Characteristics of a Leader
o Leadership Principles
o A Brief History of Leadership
o Three Theories of Leadership
• Situational Leadership
o Situational Leadership: Telling
o Situational Leadership: Selling
o Situational Leadership: Participating
o Situational Leadership: Delegating
• A Personal Inventory
o An Introduction to Kouzes and Posner
o A Personal Inventory
o Creating an Action Plan
• Modeling the Way
o Determining Your Way
o Being an Inspirational Role Model
o Influencing Others’ Perspectives
• Inspiring a Shared Vision
o Choosing Your Vision
o Communicating Your Vision
o Identifying the Benefit for Others
• Challenging the Process
o Think Outside the Box
o Developing Your Inner Innovator
o Seeing Room for Improvement
o Lobbying for Change
• Enabling Others to Act
o Encouraging Growth in Others
o Creating Mutual Respect
o The Importance of Trust
• Encouraging the Heart
o Sharing Rewards
o Celebrating Accomplishments
o Making Celebration Part of Your Culture
• Basic Influencing Skills
o The Art of Persuasion
o The Principles of Influence
o Creating an Impact
• Setting Goals
o Setting Smart Goals
o Creating a Long-Term Plan
o Creating a Support System
• Wrapping Up
o Words from the Wise

Skill Features

USD:400.00 Per Participant (Ask for the Discount) MINIMUM 10 IN ONE GROUP.

(With Lunch and 2 Coffee Breaks), Printed Course Material and Certificate.

Duration: TWO Days (5 Hour's Per day)