Employee Motivation

Employee Motivation

Module One: Getting Started
Workshop Objectives
Pre-Assignment Review
Module Two: A Psychological Approach
Herzberg’s Theory of Motivation
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
The Two Models and Motivation
Module Three: Object-Oriented Theory
The Carrot
The Whip
The Plant
Module Four: Using Reinforcement Theory
A History of Reinforcement Theory
Behavior Modification in Four Steps
Appropriate Uses in the Workplace
Module Five: Using Expectancy Theory
A History of Expectancy Theory
Understanding the Three Factors
Using the Three Factors to Motivate in the Workplace
Module Six: Personality’s Role in Motivation
Identifying Your Personality Type
Identifying Others’ Personality Type
Motivators by Personality Type
Module Seven: Setting Goals
Goals and Motivation
Setting SMART Goal
Evaluating and Adapting
Module Eight: A Personal Toolbox
Building Your Own Motivational Plan
Encouraging Growth and Development
Getting Others to See the Glass Half-Full
Module Nine: Motivation on the Job
The Key Factors
Creating a Motivational Organization
Creating a Motivational Job
Module Ten: Addressing Specific Morale Issues
Dealing with Individual Morale Problems
Addressing Team Morale
What to Do When the Whole Company is De-Motivated?
Module Eleven: Keeping Yourself Motivated
Identifying Personal Motivators
Maximizing Your Motivators
Evaluating and Adapting
Module Twelve: Wrapping Up
Words from the Wise

Skill Features

USD:400.00 Per Participant (Ask for the Discount) MINIMUM 10 IN ONE GROUP.

(With Lunch and 2 Coffee Breaks), Printed Course Material and Certificate.

Duration: TWO Days (5 Hour's Per day)