Call Center Training

Call Center Training

Module One: Getting Started
• Workshop Objectives
• Pre-Assignment Review
Module Two: The Basics (I)
• Defining Buying Motives
• Establishing a Call Strategy
• Prospecting
• Qualifying
• Case Study
Module Two: Review Questions
Module Three: The Basics (II)
• Getting Beyond the Gate Keeper
• Controlling the Call
• Difficult Customers
• Reporting
• Case Study
Module Three: Review Questions
Module Four: Phone Etiquette
• Preparation
• Building Rapport
• Speaking Clearly- Tone of Voice
• Effective Listening
• Case Study
Module Four: Review Questions
Module Five: Tools
• Self-Assessments
• Utilizing Sales Scripts
• Making the Script Your Own
• The Sales Dashboard
• Case Study
Module Five: Review Questions
Module Six: Speaking Like a Star
• S= Situation
• T= Task
• A= Action
• R=Result
• Case Study
Module Six: Review Questions
Module Seven: Types of Questions
• Open Questions
• Closed Questions
• Ignorant Redirection
• Positive Redirection
• Negative Redirection
• Multiple Choice Redirections
• Case Study
Module Seven: Review Questions
Module Eight: Benchmarking
• Benchmark Metrics
• Performance Breakdown
• Implementing Improvements
• Benefits
• Case Study
Module Eight: Review Questions
Module Nine: Goal Setting
• The Importance of Goals
• SMART Goals
• Staying Committed
• Motivation
• Overcoming Limitations
• Case Study
Module Nine: Review Questions
Module Ten: Key Steps
• Six Success Factors
• Staying Customer Focused
• The Art of Telephone Persuasion
• Telephone Selling Techniques
• Case Study
Module Ten: Review Questions
Module Eleven: Closing
• Knowing when it’s Time to Close
• Closing Techniques
• Maintaining the Relationship
• After the Sale
• Case Study
Module Eleven: Review Questions
Module Twelve: Wrapping Up
• Words from the Wise

Skill Features

USD:400.00 Per Participant (Ask for the Discount) MINIMUM 10 IN ONE GROUP.

(With Lunch and 2 Coffee Breaks), Printed Course Material and Certificate.

Duration: TWO Days (5 Hour's Per day)